The PEFC certificate gives customers of forest-operating organisations the security that the products they buy meet the criteria this organisation places on sustainable forest management.

PEFC organisation

The PEFC organisation promotes sustainable forestry management. This Program for Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes – previously the Pan European Forest Certificate – is a voluntary initiative taken by the industry. PEFC offers guarantees for reliable wood certificates and initiatives across the world, for instance through mutual recognition.
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Hout transport

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In order to be able to guarantee the reliability of certificates and initiatives, the PEFC has drawn up a set of basic criteria. These have been laid down in the organisation’s Articles of Association and its Technical Document.

Economisch en ecologisch

The PEFC attaches great importance to both economic and ecological interests. The ecologic interests are represented in part by regular forestry organisations. Worldwide, some two hundred million hectares of woods have already been PEFC certified. There are no PEFC certified woods in the Netherlands.