Group of wood-processing companies

Lamico is an autonomous member of a group of wood-processing companies, allowing us access to group-affiliated sawmills.

Working at Lamico

The quality of our production is inextricably linked to the quality of our staff, who are experts and motivated people we value highly.

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Labour conditions

In addition to adequate remuneration, we also offer our staff excellent benefits, including a range of internal training options. Together with each individual employee we look at their strengths and personal goals. This enables our employees to achieve the best from their abilities.

Working atmosphere

Working at Lamico is about working in a team. A personal approach and good working atmosphere are valued assets in our company. Our employee satisfaction is not just about the excellent labour conditions, but also about issues such as the convenient accessibility of our company and easy parking.

Be yourself

We distinguish ourselves with our quality products, made by people who distinguish themselves through their excellence. Our employees come from a variety of backgrounds, and have a wide range of skills, priorities and interests. They complement each other and together form a powerful team.


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