Sustainable forestry

We take our social responsibility through sustainable production. So our glued timber products are fully recyclable and we only make use of timber harvested responsibly. We have an eye for the environment on all levels of our company.

With our method of purchase we support responsible forestry and won our purchasing and production policies with the FSC®- and PEFC certificates.

New Sorting Line

Lamico continues to invest in improving the production process. So we have invested recently in a new sorting line. With this new sorting line, we can further improve the quality of our product.

The production process is more automated and improved, enabling us to achieve an even higher return. With these and other innovations and investments we can offer our customers a better product and you are also assured of efficiency and quality in the future.

New planing line coming

In mid-2016 a second new planing line will be implemented. A Weinig, Powermat 2500. With this step, we are improving our production and the quality of our end product tremendously, so we can continue our development. This planing device is equipped with all modern techniques, which ensure a quality product.

For more information about our new planing line, please feel free to contact us. Contact us to learn more about our highly efficient planing way.

New high frequency press

Soon the 2nd big press is replaced by a new 6m long high frequency press.